Brandigation™ Basics: Good Trademark v. Bad Trademark - What's the Difference? 

Why is GOOGLE a better trademark than SEARCH-FOR-IT? Why is SNO-RAKE a strong trademark but not COASTER-CARDS? Choosing a name for your company or your product is an important decision. Not only does it distinguish your company or product from others, but the choice may impact the ability to obtain a trademark registration with the USPTO. There are a number of considerations in choosing a mark, including:

  • Is it distinctive?
  • Is it arbitrary, unique or fanciful?
  • Is it suggestive?
  • Is it descriptive?
  • Is it geographic?
  • Is it a surname?
  • Is it a generic term?  

Over the next few weeks, we’ll dive deeper into these considerations to help you better understand how to choose a trademark for your company that is inherently strong and easy to protect and enforce.