Warning: Watch Out for Trademark Scam Notices and Solicitations

Trademark applicants and owners – BEWARE! An increasing number of scam artists are extracting information from the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) databases and using it to solicit trademark applicants and owners to purchase services – at an inflated cost – that either are unnecessary or could put the application or registration at risk of cancellation. The invoice may contain an image of the trademark, the owner’s name and other information related to the trademark application or registration, such that it appears official. In reality, these scam artists are offering unnecessary services or meaningless “registry listings.” See here for examples of invoices: Example 1. Example 2. 

Trademark applicants and owners who receive invoices or correspondence from any third party related to an application or registration should contact their legal counsel. SNEED PLLC typically will be the only trademark counsel or service provider with which its clients need to deal on trademark matters, whether in the U.S. or internationally.